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RSMV was the original home to the minigame X-Run, we have an extensive history and we have had many big YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez record here.

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Hype for HyperDrive!

arizrain tag
arizrain @ Spawn
posted May 24, 16

FrogBiz Me and Hyperdrive seem to be in a love/hate relationship. lel love the game tho really well made
victoria684 I Love It But Its SO HARD LIKE REALLY HARD!
ignitablegamer I can do all the maps with 1-2 deaths! WE NEED HARDER MAPS! XD

Click the sign up button near the log in.  Register and then you will need to verify the email they send you.  If you don't see it, check your spam/junkmail folder.  To add your character to the website:  Click your name at the top of page, and go to your profile page.  "Add character"  when they ask for the "code"  - short video below explains it!

RoyalDust I followed all the steps but I'm still not seeing that I'm a member
victoria684 I Did Go In Server Lobby 1 And It Did Not Show I Was A Member D: !!! Staff Make Me A Member!
victoria684 It Did Not Work! D:

You can now join in any 1.9 version!

Xanrey tag
Xanrey @ Spawn
posted May 23, 16

You can join in any 1.9 version!