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RSMV was the original home to the minigame X-Run, we have an extensive history and we have had many big YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez record here.

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arizrain tag posted 3 hours ago

I'm sorry we are having an issue with one of our boxes.  The lobbys are also being affected, but our host says they are looking into the issue.  Hopefully it will be back up soon, and we all can enter the server! 

New Creative Server!

arizrain tag posted Fri at 10:23

A new Creative server is coming October 23rd!   All in 1.12 with the newest blocks to color your builds!

Updated heads with over 10,000 heads to use!   For our donators, a new cooler Elevator system, and some furniture models to use :)  Artmap is still there also.

If you are a donator, we can move your builds if needed.  Just let any staff member know or mention it here.

Have fun creating your dream builds with the new blocks and Roleplay amazing stories with your friends, using custom private roleplay chats!

RaiderKnight tag alright i replied and i would rlly appreciate it if u moved all my plots :DD
arizrain tag if we have moved your plot/plots, when you first log into the new server - we can then set you as the owner of the plots...
RaiderKnight tag if u can only move 1 plot, i would like u to move the plot with the meteor and pumpkin head on it, to the new Creative. ...

Play the game!  Also "Trick or Treat" and Head hunt in the Lobbies to earn a total of 3 new tags!

___Shockz__ tagtag i got all 3 within a day of it coming out xD also played patty and xion at Friday13th, its like: HappyHaloween! ā˜¾Pumpki<...
DKtheminer tag glitch report on the game: don't go onto the stairs in fireplaces, they get you stuck and kill your chat with you a...
arizrain tag Pumpkin King HocusPocus HappyHalloween!