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RSMV was and still is the original home to the minigame X-Run, we have an extensive history and we have had many big YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez record here.

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News & Announcements of that aren't worthy of being on the front page.
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The rules of the server and forum. They exist for a reason.
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Have a question? Ask it here and the community or staff will help get you that answer you are looking for.
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By hdawg1995 tag Apr 14, 18
If you have a question that you wish that only staff answer, you may ask here. Only you and staff will be able to see the threads you make here.
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Found a bug that needs addressing? Let us know here and we'll take care of it.
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The discussion section for our original games X-Run, Colorshuffle, Hyperdrive, and Polar io. You can also leave suggestions for new gametypes.
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By ___Shockz__ tagtag Oct 17, 17
Grab your gear because it's time to head for the wilderness and survive.
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By Night711 tag Aug 13, 17
A floating island in the sky. What can go wrong.
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By joel5bat tag Mar 18, 18
Magic here magic there.
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By DKtheminer tag Dec 19, 17
Same old raids, but with a new world and less cores.
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By Sam_Rules tag Feb 23, 18
Why yes. I built a fantastic dirt house. I shall share it here.
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By BlazinGamin0611 tagtag Jan 29, 18
Nothing like having a inventory full of steak from walmart to start your adventure into a extreme version of survival. Please note this gametype is new and will have some bugs along the way.
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By super0cat tag Mar 16, 18
Start towns which can join with other towns to create a nation and then take over other nations with your mega nation which takes up the whole of the server....or just stay as a town and not be touched by other people who isn't a resident.
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By SkrNoob tagtag Apr 7, 18
Doesn't fit anywhere else on the forum? Got you covered with this fantastic new and shiny section of the forum.
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By arizrain tag Dec 18, 17
Bans and Mutes
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A player being a rule breaker? Report them here. Don't forget to provide proof and read the sticky post before reporting.
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By Tategami_wolf tagtag Apr 13, 18
If you have been banned or muted, you may appeal here. All appeal must follow the format posted in the sticky thread.
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By Tategami_wolf tagtag Sat at 07:18 pm
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