As I stated in Etha's factions core petition I strongly think factions is due for a reset. I have suggestions for how to keep players hooked on factions longer and make factions more fair, and not op like it right now, where with god armor it is practically impossible to die and it warrants fights that last over 45 mins long, with no winners.

1. Faction core, this is pretty simple. It is loved and will be loved if added, it also makes it easier to raid a faction if its players are offline.

2. Tag/reward for Ftop factions at the end of the "season" This dose not need to be determined but I think for the best 3-5 factions should get tags or enjin point rewards(if points like 500-100) This will keep players on factions the entire time as there is always a lore or reason to play and get better, raid and other things.

3. reduced rank kits. This seems kinda radical but it makes sense. It is completely unfair that a legend rank can get 33 god apples every 36 hrs or however long it is. If we make the rank kits just tools and food it gives an advantage but keeps playing grounds fair. I think instead /pv with 1 extra row of storage per rank level should be given for ranks to compensate as that dose not increase the players ability of gameplay as much as god apples and prot 4 armor.(prot 3 and 4 iron is better that plain diamond BTW)

4. no cusom enchants/SF. I understand SF is awesome and fun and it has its place in Skyblock Towny and probs terra when it comes out but I think that it would make an unballeced gameplay and make factions to OP, prot XI(9) on diamond armor makes dyeing supper hard and makes out for ling fights where the winner is the person who runs out of gaps or crashes or even better, has to log off because of IRL stuff. I think the food/athstetic stuff is fine to keep but otherwise it just makes the gameplay to boring.

5. A proper PVP arena. one where people can PVP and not have a safe zone they can run and hide in like baby's. maybe in the arena there are loot chests that can be looted every 20 mins-1 hour. This gives opportunity to PVP outside of raids.

6. Rewards(cash, items, keys) for logging in daily, wither it gives a loot crate weekly or something, logging in daily could be rewarding for caring enogh to log on

7. I think staff who hate lag **chough cough**Patti chough cough** will like this idea. make spawners not generate mobs but make it so when you deal a invisable (or not) entity on the spawner it gives money or drops and EXP, this reduces lag, with more spawners near the spawner(s) will give more money,xp or drops. Or the spawners can be upgraded X amount of levels and then have a choice of ether Blaze(no/very little money and lots of XP) or Iron golem(more money, little/no XP) and make it one spawner per chunk and just use the leveling system

8. Ceggs, ahhh the main tool for raiding after you get in a base. These should be cheaper, as right now (and prior) they have cost TONES and that makes raiding expensive. personally getting 1 should be easy but getting mass quantitys (over 20) should be hard. This makes raiding expensive and hard but not impossible for smaller factions who want to get bigger by raiding.

9. and this is just to make large factions fighting easyer add the faction name in the players name tag so that you don't hit the wrong person when 2 or more large factions are fighting.

10. KOTH(king of the hill) maybe once a week have a KOTH event where players fight it out to get a reward (such as spawners, money, keys, etc.

If you like my ideas please like If you have more suggestions please post :d I will try to arrange a way to stream when factions is re-released (when it is) and will try to make a steady series on it.