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Community Guidelines & Rules

Please ensure you have read the rules before playing our server or posting on the forum page.

1. Respect Players and Staff

  • There is no need to start bashing one another only because they like Team JNRR over Team RNJR. (Team RNJR is better though.)

2. No Cursing

  • No, not the dark voodoo magic cursing. Don't be using expletive language on the server.

  • Then again, don't go doing the dark voodoo magic cursing either. You're not Voldemort.

3. Be Appropriate

  • Don't be saying disgusting, immature, or offensive things.

  • Please refrain from discussing controversial subjects.

  • This rule includes your Minecraft character name. If it's extremely inappropriate, then you might want to change.

4. Don't Spam

  • The attention isn't worth the mute that comes with it.

5. No Posting Links

  • Unless the link is, don't post it in chat.

  • There is one exception. That is the following rule.

6. Linking YouTube Channels

  • Please note that players will not be able to click on the link.

  • Spamming the link will be considered spam and advertising. You may be perm-muted or perm-banned.

7. No Advertising

  • Regardless if you own it or not, advertising other servers or realms will result in perm-ban.

8. Hacking and Using Mods

  • Mods that are not allowed includes, but not limited to, fly mods, x-ray of any kind, jump boosters, wall climbing, run/walk speed modification, item spawning, kill-aura, auto-shift, auto-click, and other mods that lets you play the game incorrectly so you can easily win or have a unfair advantage.

  • Mods that do not influence the gameplay like Optifine and other cosmetic mods are fine to have.

  • If you have a question on if a mod is usable or not, feel free to ask in the forum.

  • Modded clients are use at your own risk. If your modded client comes with non cosmetic addons and you use them in a exploitive way, you will be banned.

9. Lost Items

  • Regardless of reason, staff will not replace items lost either due to glitches or other unforeseen event.

  • This is because we have absolutely no idea if you ever had the items in the first place.

  • Having screenshots of you holding the item will not be a exception to this rule. Staff will not replace the item.

10. Bug Abuse

  • It could be a vanilla bug or a bug with the plugin, abusing/exploiting bugs and/or glitches will result in being banned from the server.

11. Staff Impersonation

  • All staff are clearly ranked with either Builder, Jr Mod, Mod, Admin, Senior Admin, Head admin, Co-Owner, or Owner. None of the staff's alt account have staff rank. Staff's alt accounts are not treated as staff, but as a regular player and will not be ranked with their main account staff rank.

  • Examples of impersonating staff includes, but not limited to, flat out saying you are a staff of the server and that you will ban/mute people if they don't listen to you, saying you are a staff's alt account and that you can and will ban/mute people, or claiming you are allowed to break the server rules because you are a staff on the server.

  • Impersonating staff may result in either being permanently muted or in some cases permanently banned from the server.

  • Helping players on the server, e.g, letting players know the rules by directing them to this page, answering questions where's the answers to that question are known either posted in-game or on the website forum/news feed, and/or helping them get started in one of the gamemodes, is perfectly fine and is not considered impersonating staff.

  • Also note, if a known staff member is missing their rank and is demanding their rank in open chat, that is a imposter, not a staff member. A real staff member knows what to do if their rank goes missing if and when it does.

12. Not listed Rules

  • Listing all the rules will take too much room. When staff tells you to stop, it's for a good reason.

  • For example, if a staff tells you that the server is not a dating site and that you should stop trying to get a date via the server, you should stop.

Forum Rules

This is a set of guidelines and expectations we pride ourselves to follow while in-game. Please read them carefully before stepping foot into the server.

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Server Rules

This is a set of guidelines and expectations we pride ourselves to follow while in-game. Please read them carefully before stepping foot into the server.

1. No Foul Language

  • There is no reason on why you should use such rude language in this forum.

  • Please also refrain from using implied language too.

2. No Spamming

  • There is no reason you should post or starting a thread with the same thing over and over and over and over again.

  • If you are bumping a post, please limit the amount of bumping to once per few days and up to 2 bumps in a row. Excessive bumping will be considered spamming.

3. No Double Posting

  • Use the edit button instead if you have recently posted a reply to a thread and no one has posted a reply.

  • The edit button will be available for 24 hours so use it if it is still there.

4. Be Respectful

  • There is no need to start a war over someone being on Team werewolf or Team vampires.

5. No Advertising

  • This will result in a ban from posting on the forum, chat, and possibility a ban on the server. 

  • This includes other websites, links, realms, or other servers.

6. Negativity

  • Super negative posts will be deleted without warning.

  • Also, don't be spreading negative stuff around the forum.

7. Be Appropriate

  • Don't be posting disgusting and immature things.

  • Inappropriate posts may result in a ban on the forum.

  • Also, this is not a dating site, so don't even try.

8. Staff Inpersonation

  • Staff are clearly indicated by rank and there is no need to tell someone that they are going to be punished for a post on a forum.

9. Respect Staff Decisions

  • If a staff makes a decision to either delete or lock a thread, it is for a good reason.

10. Reporting a Player

  • Please refer to the following linked threads in regards to formatting a player report.

  • To prevent any confusion. If you are not staff or the original poster, please do not reply to a report a player thread. The only time you may reply to a player report is when you have more proof on the reported player you wish to share or if you are the reported player and you wish to defend yourself. Unwanted post may be deleted without warning.

11. Appeals

  • All ban/mute appeals made must follow the Ban/Mute Appeal format posted in the sticky thread. Any appeals that do not follow the format will be voided or denied.

  • Make only one appeal. Unless a month goes by since your appeal has been denied or your appeal has been voided, you may not make more than one appeal. Extra appeals will be denied and you will lose the ability to appeal.

  • If you are not staff or the one appealing, you are not allowed to respond to ban appeals. Unwanted posts will be deleted and the person who made the post will be issued a warning.

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