Rsmv: TOWNY or SURVIVAL update that would be cool.
2 Nations owner xanreys nation and arizrains nation.
Within those nations are separate towns, as you join this part of the server you get given a choice of a nation and it shows the leader.
You get a daily map kit which is a giant nation map and a /warps command that lists the towns locations you can go to in the nation.
There's also a bit of factions mechanics too.
Outside of the nation areas in the more or less middle is wild lands.
Factions/team outposts can be made and enemy's can capture/raid/loot etc each of them.
For the TOWNY plots you can choose(the mayor of the one of many towns can choose the maximum plot sizes for single plots:10x10,15x15,20x20.
/kit voucher VIP command can be used for extra keys, add tags from the /tag command to keys and a store purchase for keys, maybe /challenges command.

Nation war (pvp a ALL out war of the nations to see who's is the toughest 1-2months per war event)

Zombie apocalypse (mvp survival with special kits, nation that survives the longest with fewest deaths...all members get 1key for crates).

Mini game event(make a warp to specific mini games or something I dunno someone can expand from this idea and any others ofc.

Event kits(iron armor,iron tools,Bow, regular gold apples the cheap kind, 32 steak, kit refresh duration every 30secounds since it's a event and no telling how long you'll live if it's a war one or not.

Kit VIP,MVP,pro,Legend,Champion, and Senpai.

Kit starter(leather gear, stone tools and food+wood+cobble+8coal)
In game purchase kits: like iron armor every 24hours non enchanted, or diamond armor.

Lottery, warzone cratea and auction house command.
A daily lottery every 3hours or 6hours.
Crates every 4hours I believe it usually is.
And /ah command for auction house.

/Warps take you to your nations towns or a specific one.
Basically it has 2 maps in the command. One being a nation warp set and the other being basic warps.
It costs money to warp to nation towns.

Haven't got a NAME idea but I call it: Nations