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RSMV was and still is the original home to the minigame X-Run, we have an extensive history and we have had many big YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez record here.

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Closed Ban Appeal

1 reply
Minecraft Name: bootywonton

Banned or Muted: Banned

Reason for Ban/Mute: Racism

Why should you be unban/unmuted: I'm hoping that you viewed my post on the 17th as null, because it was by accident. I've been off of the server for a month now and would like to return because I've been off the server for so long.

Have you learned your lesson: Yes. I understand that the racist Attitude was innapropriate, and I have since then changed and will not be racist anymore on the server, or at all.
Posted Feb 10, 18 · OP
Your ban appeal has been approved.

Please refrain from testing the filter along with using phrases that may be taken racist in chat.

Edit: Also try using a slightly more appropriate skin before rejoining the server.
Posted Feb 10, 18 · Last edited Feb 10, 18