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RSMV was and still is the original home to the minigame X-Run, we have an extensive history and we have had many big YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and CaptainSparklez record here.

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Closed #3 Y0L0_ChiefB0G0 Banned for Auto Clicking

1 reply
Minecraft Username: Y0L0_ChiefB0G0

Banned or Muted: Banned

Reason for Ban: Auto clicking

Why should you be Unbanned: I didn't know I wasn't allowed to use macros on your server. I wanted to save time grinding on your server while I was busy doing other things that day.
I would only assume you still don't want people going afk and therefore I won't be doing such things ether.

Have you learned you lesson: I understand now why you're unhappy with what I've done. I won't use my custom auto click function anymore.
It gives me an advantage that not all others can achieve since they do not have or even know about this software
I'm again sorry for the trouble I've caused.

Extra: It maybe to much to ask but I got word that some of my things I acquired on Magecraft were taken and auctioned off to others on the server, I myself am still uncertain what those things are. I would like to have them back. if it were possible?
I know this is a ban appeal but I don't know how else I'd contact you.
Posted Mar 23, 18 · OP
Your ban appeal has been approved.

Please refrain from using any type of auto clicking in the future. As for the auctioned off items. they would be all the spawners that were placed in your claim as alot of people were being vultures and were trying to gain them when your claim expires. Those spawners were also continuing to spawn mobs so removing them was needed. You will only be returned 10 creeper spawners (in a chest next to your beacons) and any profit from the auction (about 2k). If you were to be banned from the server again, you will not be able to appeal that ban.
Posted Mar 24, 18 · Last edited Mar 24, 18